Boone High School

This year brings many exciting changes as well as a few transitional challenges to our learning community. There are nine new faculty members and several other new staff members functioning in different roles than last year. Driving by the High School, it is evident that the new construction is well on its way with our first transition to occur this winter into the NEW east academic wing full of new classrooms as well as the new BCSD central office.

I desire my priority to aim to listen to the vision for an environment where every student, staff member, and parent feels as if he or she is a valued member of the school’s community. The common vision from all stakeholders should continue to guide the planning for the facilities, instructional format, and the culture that will personalize the educational experience for each and every student. This year has ushered in a new schedule allowing for the flexible use of time in order to best serve the needs of all students, increased opportunities for electives, designated time for assisting students, as well as allowing time for adult learning and work to best design approaches to helping each student reach his or her full academic and personal potential.

Moving forward, I am excited at the opportunity to continue to serve as a lead-learner in the facilitation and development of the collective vision for the teaching-learning process for the 21st Century. To this end, BHS must continue the work in laying a structure for academic, social, behavioral, and emotional growth of the students. As a faculty we continue to work through professional development time in order to tackle the traditional academic achievement gaps and the challenges resulting from the changes needed for a 21st Century education. I am excited at the district’s vision and commitment to the integration of technology as the cornerstone for studies and authentic work that prepares students to enter the workforce of the 21st Century with the skill-set and proclivity for creativity.

Boone High School has many great programs offering a variety of at least 49 different athletic teams, activities, and other clubs for students to join and grow together. There are wonderful opportunities here at BHS for each student to seek an academic niche through offerings that include Advanced Placement and DMACC courses, Career and Technical Education courses, Honors courses, and a dynamic EXCEL program serving our Talented and Gifted students. Likewise we strive to accommodate and program for all of the learning needs that our students may need to be successful. The Fine Arts are valued and we are proud to offer six ensembles in our Music program encompassing Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Music as well as strong programs in Theatre and the Visual Arts.

As education often lays the first blocks of a pathway for success in life, we must preserve our effective programs, as well as further harness our partnerships, community relationships, and innovations to prepare the next generation for the jobs and challenges of the future. With a strong community, I believe Boone High School can ensure an innovative educational experience aimed at the development of life-long learners and responsible citizens who are prepared for the 21st century.

I continue look forward to learning and growing with the Boone HS community,

Dr. Ben Johnson