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Superintendent: Dr. Bradley Manard


The mission of the Boone Community School District is to provide an educational environment that promotes academic and extra curricular excellence and the development of good character in our students.

The Boone Community School District continues to make strides in achieving our mission. In doing so, it is my belief that the mission drives our district, and every decision we make is done recognizing its impact on student success. At Boone Community School District we Expect the BEST, Achieve SUCCESS.  In support of this, the BCSD is focusing on four district goals.

Goal #1: Student Achievement

To increase the number of K-12 students that achieve at higher levels of performance in reading, math, and science each year.

  • ITP Program: Improve the percent of students 2nd-11th grade achieving above 80% proficient. 
  • At-Risk Program: Increase support for the at-risk students through utilization of BHS Juvenile Court Liaison.
  • Professional Development Program: Provide effective professional development including differentiation, technology and family engagement.

Goal #2: Public Relations

To create a positive image promoting the BCSD as an exceptional school district offering outstanding instruction in a safe, respectful, and motivating environment while increasing enrollment.

  • School Promotion: The district will implement the Public Relations Plan developed by the Public Relations Committee and approved by the Board of Education in June 2017.
  • School Media Promotion: Designate an individual to focus on daily school promotions and public relations through social media.
  • Athletic/Activities Program: Implement and achieve the plan developed by Dr. Manard, Mr. Byam and Mr. Kelley for activity improvement.

Goal #3: Family Engagement

To create strong, positive relationships between school employees, students, families and the community by supporting an environment of collaboration for student success.

  • Family Connections: To strengthen family interactions by providing opportunities to build relationships structured around the BCSD setting. 
  • Marketing and Promotions: To create strong, positive relationships between the school and community to create a sense of pride and support for our schools.
  • Community Connection: To create strong, positive relationships between the school and community to develop a sense of pride and support.

Goal #4: Fiscal Management 

To manage a sound fiscal budget based on Board Policies while providing human, physical, and facility resources to support student learning.

  • Budget Management: Maintain undesignated, unreserved general fund balance at a minimum of 10% of the year’s revenue. 
  • Facilities Management: Complete a long-term facilities plan to meet elementary facility needs, location, and grade level alignment.
  • Athletics/Activities Program: Develop a fiscal management plan to support improved athletics and activities.

These goals have been and will continue to be the focus and driving force for ongoing improvement in the Boone Community School District.

We encourage you to use this website to access information and make personal contacts. Your comments, interests, and concerns are important to us, therefore, if you would like to contact me directly, please call me at 433-0750 or email me at bmanard@boone.k12.ia.us.

Bradley D. Manard, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools