500 7th Street – phone: (515) 433-0750 – fax: (515) 433-0753
Superintendent: Dr. Bradley Manard
Administrative Assistant: Lexi Elliott


The mission of the Boone Community School District is to provide an educational environment that promotes academic and extra curricular excellence and the development of good character in our students.

The Boone Community School District continues to make strides in achieving our mission. In doing so, it is my belief that the mission drives our district, and every decision we make is done recognizing its impact on student success. In support of this, the BCSD is focusing on six district goals.

Goal #1: Student Achievement

To increase the number of K-12 students that achieve at higher levels of performance in reading, math, and science each year.

  • ITP Results: To align AIW framework with curriculum and assessment for improved student proficiency levels on the Iowa Testing Program assessment to above 80% at all grade levels assessed in reading, math, and science.

Goal #2: Professional Development

To support a professional staff that utilize best practice that focus on continuous improvement while enhancing student achievement.

  • Teacher Training: To provide improvement of student learning through Authentic Intellectual Work, Response to Inter-vention, Align Iowa Core Curriculum and Instruction with ITP Assessment for improved student performance.

Goal #3: Infrastructure

To providing the facilities, infrastructure, & access to technology necessary to support high student achievement in a safe, healthy environment.

  • Long-Term Facilities Plans: To continue to complete the construction and transition of the high school project and develop a long-term plan for all facilities focusing on elementary needs.

Goal #4: Climate/Character

To ensuring all students will feel safe and connected to school and community while choosing healthy lifestyles.

  • Instructional Climate: To reduce bullying and harassment through instruction and positive intervention. To increase High School daily rate of attendance to 95% and the graduation rate to 90%.

Goal #5: Community Involvement

To increasing the meaningful engagement with parents and the community in the educational process.

  • Community Input: To conduct focus group meetings to identify community expectations/district needs for instructional, assessment and school climate improvements and incorporate these into the 2014-15 district goals.

Goal #6: At-Risk Programming

To study, design, implement, and coordinate effective processes for identifying and meeting the needs of students at-risk.

  • At-risk Learning Support: Through RtI, develop specific building and individual student instructional support designed to meet student learning needs demonstrated in an improvement in ITP proficiency at all grade levels.

These goals have been and will continue to be the focus and driving force for ongoing improvement in the Boone Community School District.

We encourage you to use this website to access information and make personal contacts. Your comments, interests, and concerns are important to us, therefore, if you would like to contact me directly, please call me at 433-0750 or email me at bmanard@boone.k12.ia.us.

Bradley D. Manard, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools