Registration & Enrollment

  Early Childhood Registration                                                                            (Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten)

Early Childhood Registration is for four and five year old students wanting to take part in one of the early childhood experiences Boone Schools provides. Options for early childhood educational experiences include:

  • Preschool (4 year old)
  • Transitional Kindergarten (5 year old)
  • Kindergarten (5 year old)

Please note that 4 year old students wanting to take part in the Preschool experience must be 4 on our before September 15th, 2018 and 5 year old students wanting to take part in the Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten experiences must be 5 on our before September 15th, 2018.

An informational meeting will take place on January 30, 2018 and January/February of the coming years. For additional information about these experiences contact Page and Lincoln Elementary Principal Autumn Seiler at 515-433-0840.

Important Dates

APRIL- April 19th and 20th are our kindergarten and transitional experiences mornings. Your child will attend both mornings. Save the date now so your child can get a taste of kindergarten and transitional kindergarten.

MAY- May 1st is the deadline to let us know if you want TK for your student.  After this date, we will accommodate as there is space available.

JUNE- We will let preschool families know by June 1 (at the latest) which school their child has been assigned and if they are assigned am or pm

JULY-  All families will find out teacher assignments through the mail and it will be available on infinite campus.

Enroll your student for one of the early childhood educational experience by following the registration link below. Please also note that the printable medical forms below will also need to be filled out and handed in to your child’s school before their first day of school.


Registration consists of current student updates for the annual registration process. This process allows families flexibility and increases the effective gathering of information.

New Enrollment

New enrollment is for students new to the Boone Community School District either as a kindergarten student or new resident of the district.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is for students who reside in a district other than Boone and wish to attend a school of the district under the terms and conditions of Iowa Code section 282.18 and theadministrative rules of the Iowa Department of Education.

The Iowa Open Enrollment law permits a wide range of educational choices for students enrolled in schools in Iowa. A parent/guardian may request open enrollment to a district other than the district of residence if application deadlines and/or a good cause (as defined by law) exists.


There are two categories of fees, annual fees and user fees. Annual fees are those collected each year for currently enrolled students or at the time of enrollment for newly enrolling students. User fees are those fees paid to Food Service for breakfast/lunch and/or other fees.

Online Payments

The Boone Community School District has begun using a different online payment service, RevTrak available here. If paying by check, please include a check made payable to Boone Community School District.