The Boone Community School District uses a combination of norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, performance, formal and informal classroom-based assessment instruments aligned with content standards to monitor student learning.

Iowa Core Content Standards and Benchmarks

Iowa has statewide mandated core content standards in reading, math, and science. These content standards are broad statements that identify the knowledge and skills that students should acquire and they remain constant throughout K -12.

Iowa Tests of Basic Skills/Iowa Tests of Educational Development

The Iowa No Child Left Behind Accountability Plan is for students in grades 3-8 & 11 to participate in Iowa Tests of Basic Skills or Iowa Tests of Educational Development, developed by the Iowa Testing Program. The links below provide information useful in reviewing and interpreting results.

Iowa Department of Education

Iowa Testing Program

The main purpose of using a standardized achievement battery is to provide information that can be used to improve instruction. Standardized achievement scores cannot and should not replace teacher observations and classroom assessment information but can provide unique supplementary information that can be useful in decisions about selecting learning objectives and procedures, designing or choosing instructional materials, and creating an effective learning environment.

Iowa Youth Survey

The 2010 Iowa Youth Survey State of Iowa Report is designed to help state-level planners, community agencies, and school personnel identify youth development needs, implement relevant, targeted interventions, and assess outcomes. IYS data can assist in providing a better understand of students in Iowa and their needs. It can also help to assess the strengths and challenges of school, families, and communities from the young person’s perspective. In addition, IYS data help the state obtain funding for a wide variety of programs and services.