Curriculum development is an ongoing process in the school district and consists of both research and design. Research is the studious inquiry and critical investigation of the various content areas for the purpose of revising and improving curriculum and instruction based on relevant information pertaining to the discipline. This study is conducted both internally (what and how we are currently doing at the local level) and externally (what national standards, professional organizations, recognized experts, current research, etc. tell us relative to the content area). Design is the deliberate process of planning and selecting the standards and instructional strategies that will improve the learning experiences for all students. (Board Policy Code No. 602.1)

Boone Community School District & Iowa Core Curriculum Content Standards and Benchmarks

The BCSD academic program addresses all areas of instruction, including: PreKindergarten; K-12: reading, written language (literacy), math, science, social studies, global languages, the fine arts (music and art), technical and vocational; physical education and health; and classroom guidance instruction through 6th grade. Core content instruction is driven by the standards and benchmarks of the Iowa Core Curriculum.

Iowa has statewide mandated core content standards. These content standards are broad statements that identify the knowledge and skills that students should acquire and they remain constant throughout K -12. All K-12 classrooms align content, materials and instruction with the Iowa Core Content standards for Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and 21st Century Skills.

As the public school districts in Iowa were working to align local standards and benchmarks with the Iowa Core Curriculum, the Department of Education at the national level was also working to bring consistency to students in the United States, and distributed common core standards in reading/language arts and math for the states to review and adopt. Iowa educators have studied these and have found them to closely match the Iowa Core Curriculum. Iowa has joined a consortium of states working together to implement the use of the Common Core standards. Educators from Iowa are working with experts from around the country to develop rigorous curriculum, assessments, and instructional strategies that will expand teaching/learning opportunities, enhance instruction, and improve student achievement. Below is an informative document from the Department of Education that summarizes this work.

District Lead Learning Team

The District Lead Learning Team includes teacher representatives from each school building’s Lead Learning Team. The District Lead Learning Team works as a representative group for instructional and school climate/culture improvement. The District Lead Learning Team is responsible for the development, advisement, and implementation of the Three-Year Improvement Plan (3YIP). The team meets every other month throughout the school year.


Brad Manard Superintendent/Facilitator
Jill Janes Director of Innovative Learning
Kris Byam HS Principal
Scott Kelley MS Principal
Trish Carlson Franklin Principal
Cindy Pezzetti Page/Lincoln Principal
Justin Baute HS Teacher
Jane Dupuis HS Teacher
Alicen Morley HS Teacher
Tabatha Commins HS Teacher
Jamie Lashier MS Teacher
Kylie Stanzyk MS Teacher
Jayce Carter MS Teacher
Martha Schwind Franklin Teacher
Lisa Cook Franklin Teacher
Heidi Jahn Page Teacher
Kim Zierke Lincoln Teacher
Lexi Elliott Administrative Assistant

Agendas and minutes for committee meetings can be found under the Board Approved Committee tab.