School Improvement

School Improvement

The Boone Community School District endorses the concept of community participation in the matters of the school as essential in maintaining mutual confidence and respect as well as to foster collaboration to improve the quality of education for students.

School improvement is a process that identifies strengths, specifies priorities for improving student achievement, defines a common plan for realizing the planned improvements and evaluates the effectiveness of the planned responses.

This process engages the community, students, staff and administration in an examination of expectations for student learning, an analysis of student achievement data and the development and implementation of action plans in the continuous review and revision the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.

Annual Progress Report

To satisfy the requirements for reporting annual progress toward state and federal indicators, school districts and non-public schools in Iowa complete an Annual Progress Report due to the Iowa Department of Education by September 15 each year. APRs include information regarding academic proficiency, academic goals, dropouts, graduation rates, attendance rates, and post-secondary data. These annual reports of student achievement and progress toward established goals are prepared in collaboration with the School Improvement Advisory Committee and district staff in the school improvement process.