Talented and Gifted (EXCEL)

EXCEL stands for Experiential Curriculum for the Enrichment of Learning. This is the name for the Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program in Boone Schools.


The mission of the Boone EXCEL Program is to meet the cognitive and affective needs of gifted students, providing varied opportunities for them to reach their potential.


  • We believe that every learner has a right to be challenged every day.
  • We believe that gifted learners need opportunities to explore their passions and interests.
  • We believe that gifted learners have unique social/emotional needs.
  • We believe that gifted learners need time to be together.
  • We believe that there must be time in the school day for creativity.
  • We believe that gifted learners need differentiated instruction within their classes.

Service Delivery Plan

The Service Delivery Plan includes identification and programing opportunities for talented and gifted students.

Helpful Resources

The resources listed are all beneficial for parents.