Technology Integration

Acceptable Use

The Boone Community School District is pleased to offer Internet access to students for educational use. Please review the Boone Community School District Technology/Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

District Technology Committee

The District Technology Committee is a board appointed committee that includes students, teachers, administrators, and representatives from the local community that may include business, industry, labor, community agencies, higher education, or other community constituents. To the extent possible, committee membership shall have balanced representation of the following: race, gender, national origin, and disability. The District Technology Committee makes recommendations to the board based on the committee analysis of technology needs.


Jill Janes Director of Innovative Learning/Facilitator
Brad Manard Superintendent
Bog Patterson Director of Technology
Kris Byam HS Principal
Alicen Morley HS Social Studies Teacher
Joe Sallen HS Spanish Teacher
Jill Theiben HS English Teacher
Diana Byriel MS Teacher
Jayce Carter MS Teacher
Kylie Stanzyk MS Teacher
Annie Kubik Franklin Teacher
Kaylynne Christenson Franklin Teacher
Meredith Stroot PageTeacher
Angie McGrath Lincoln Teacher
Dana Dose Computer Technician
Travis Wilkins AEA Consultant
Noah Woolsten HS Freshman/Sophomore
Sarah Heiller HS Junior
Payten Bailey HS Senior
Melanie Elbert Secretary (non-voting)

Agenda and Minutes