TLC Information

Teacher Leadership and Compensation Grant:

This effort to tap into the expertise of top teachers to improve classroom instruction and raise student achievement is the centerpiece of the state’s landmark education reform package passed by the Legislature in 2013. The system paves the way for more support and greater collaboration for all teachers to learn from each other instead of operating largely in isolation within their classrooms.

“Students face higher expectations today, and we must support the complex work of teaching in order to improve the instruction students receive,” said Brad Buck, Director of the Iowa Department of Education.

Position Granted Approximately $650,000 to Fund Salaries, Benefits and Training for the Following Positions:

K-12 Technology Integration Coach (1)
Literacy Coach (4 – Once each in PK-1, 2-4, 5-8 & 9-12)
Instructional Improvement Coach (2 – 5-8 & 9-12)
Mentor Leaders (15 Extra-Duty Positions)
Data Specialists (13 – 1 for each grade level/subject area)

TLC Job Descriptions:

TLC Position And Criteria Matrix

K-12 Technology Integration Coach
Literacy Coach
Instructional Improvement Coach
Mentor Leaders
Data Specialists

TLC Application Process:


To assist teachers in identifying their leadership strengths, the district will use the Teacher Leader Self-Assessment from the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession. Teachers considering application for a Teacher Leader position will complete the Leadership Self-Assessment. The Leadership Self-Assessment will assist teachers in identifying their individual strengths as well as aid their decision to apply for Teacher Leadership position.


If the teacher determines he or she will submit an application for a Teacher Leader position, he or she must complete a letter containing following:

  • A statement of interest and why he or she believes he or she would be a strong candidate for the position.
  • A summary of the candidate’s professional development efforts in the past five years, specifically identifying professional growth that has been aligned with the Teacher Leader position.
  • A summary of the candidate’s leadership experience, including leadership in subject area curriculum teams, PLC teams, Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) teams, professional development leadership, etc.
  • Information on opportunities for leadership in which the employee has either led adults or students outside of the school setting.

Finally, the candidate will provide a one-page reflection on why he or she believes he or she should be considered for the specific leadership position. This will include both professional and personal experiences as well as information on unique skills that align with the position.


The interview process will include a similar structure for each position while utilizing individuals on the screening and interview committee with unique insights into the leadership needs of each position, indicated in the chart below. The interview committee will have access to the information provided in the application process, including a screening rubric analyzing the position criteria levels of quality for each applicant and the Leadership Self-Assessment. Additionally, each administrator in the BCSD has been trained in the HUMANeX Ventures for discovering and developing the leadership talents of individuals. The HUMANeX Ventures interview will be incorporated into the interview process as an assessment of educational and leadership strengths.

Depending up the positions, specific teachers with expertise in the area will be included in the interview process with balance of teachers and administrators on the committees. For specifics, see the TLC Matrix above.

Teacher Leader Self-Assessment: The Teacher Leader Self-Assessment is designed to provide potential applicants for a Teacher Leadership and Compensation full-time leadership position an opportunity to assess their strengths as a teacher leader. This self-assessment must be completed prior to the application for a position and included in the application.

Selection Process Timeline:

Phase 1:  January 9, 2015 – Completion of the Teacher Leader Self-Assessment from the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession.

Phase 2: January 16, 2015 – Letter of Application and  a One-Page Reflection on why he or she believes they have earned consideration for the leadership position. (See specifics on BSCD TLC webpage.)

Phase 3:  January 23, 2015 – Interviews for Full-Time TLC Leadership
Positions begin. Final selection completed by February 6, 2015.
February 9, 2015 – Interviews for Extra-Duty TLC Leadership
Positions begin. Final selection completed by March 6, 2015.

TLC Annual Positions and Evaluation:

Performance will be evaluated annually. A District Teacher Leadership Council (DTLC) will be developed to collaborate in measuring performance, effectiveness, and professional growth of each Teacher Leader. The DTLC will consist of three teacher representatives, one from each building level, and three administrators, including the Superintendent and Director of Innovative Learning.

The DTLC will develop a set of evaluation criteria and a rubric for evaluating performance.