The Guidance Department focuses on the academic, personal/social and career development needs of students in grades nine through twelve so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.


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Boone High School Silver Cord

The purpose of the Boone Silver Cord Program is to instill within the students of our high school the importance of community service and to encourage students to be accountable for investing in their own education and in the community on a regular basis during their school years.
515-433-0995, Ext. 6230
Students and families should contact me about the following:
  • I need information about taking the ACT or SAT.
  • I know what I want to major in, but what classes should I take in high school to prepare?
  • College visits?! College applications?! Financial aid?!
  • I am interested in taking colleges classes in high school. What are some of my options?
  • I want to take a certain class, but my current schedule will not allow it. Am I able to take it online?
  • I would like to take an AP class online. How am I able to do this?
Megan McIntyre (11th & 12th Grade) Brian Bloem (9th and 10th Grade)
515-433-0995, Ext. 6134 515-433-0995, Ext. 6133
Who May Seek Help from the Counselors?

  • I am having trouble with my friends/peers.
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with me.
  • My home life stresses me out.
  • I am having trouble in my classes.
  • I need help supporting myself.
Teachers & Admistrators:

  • I need help motivating my students.
  • I want my students to build better relationships.
  • A student is acting out during class.
  • I have noticed a drastic change in one of my students.
  • One of my students is having trouble keeping up in class.

  • I am having trouble motivating my child.
  • I am having trouble communicating with my child.
  • My child is being bullied.
  • I am worried about our child making the transition to high school/college.
  • My family is going through a difficult time.