Physical Education

Health related concepts of cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and body composition are the main emphasis of the Boone High School Physical Education curriculum. We teach students the motor skills and the knowledge to live a wellness centered lifestyle that includes acceptance of self, good nutritional habits, the ability to control stress and acceptable levels of fitness. We teach students how to think, how to analyze and how to apply what they learn.

Courses Offered

  •   Aquatics
  •   Lifeguard Training
  •   Exercise Science (Freshman year 1st semester)
  •   9th Grade PE (Freshman year 2nd semester)
  •   Personal Fitness (Junior year)
  •   Rec. Activities
  •   Strength &  Conditioning (10th-12th Grade)
  •   Advanced Strength & Conditioning (10th-12th Grade Earlybird/1st Period 90 min.)
  •   Peak Performance (10th-12th  in-season athletes 4th class + 5th Lunch Period 60 min.)