Academic Program

Boone Schools value a learning community that promotes a culture of safety, respect, and collaboration.  Parents are critical partners in supporting school staff in achieving targeted outcomes for students, and we invite your active participation and input.  Our desire is to develop and inspire the whole child by nurturing the social, emotional, academic, and creative capacity that is unique for each learner.


A strong literacy focus is the cornerstone of the academic program at the primary level as children learn about basic components of the reading and writing process daily.  This is taught through daily modeling by the classroom teacher in both large and small group settings.  A wide range of reading materials are utilized to support each student at his/her point of need and ongoing formative assessments provide teachers with important information for planning next steps of instruction.  Students learn about basic elements of writing as they observe teachers writing demonstrations that may include topic choice, planning for writing, or drafting and editing.  As children learn how letters and sound of letters work, a whole new world of communication and expressing opens up for them!  Oral language development and vocabulary is another important element of our primary literacy focus that is nurtured and monitored over time.  All of these aspects of literacy work in tandem to encourage and develop enthusiastic readers and writers


Much of the focus in mathematics at the primary level is a reflection of current research in the area of cognitive psychology and supports the philosophy that children build their knowledge as they interact with the world around them.  As much as possible, children are provided hands-on activities that support concept development in the areas of number sense, basic operations of addition and subtraction, and application of math concepts to the world around them.  Children are also supported in developing their knowledge of basic math vocabulary and symbols that are necessary to communicate in the world of mathematics.


Boone Community School District embraces an inquiry-based approach to support students in their learning in the area of science.   This inquiry-based model is designed to help students construct knowledge and develop critical thinking skills as they explore various units of study such as “Life Cycles.”  Because children are inquisitive by nature, units of study are organized around “big ideas” or topics that serve as a springboard in helping students generate questions and claims related to those topics.  Unlike traditional instructional methods that are textbook-based and view learners as vessels to be “filled” with knowledge, the inquiry-based approach allows students to construct knowledge based on observation and exploration in topic areas.  This process is purposeful in helping students become critical observers who are able to either affirm or disaffirm claims made as a part of the exploration process.  Teachers and students alike find this approach to science challenging but fun!!

Social Skills

Important to the development of the whole child is the area of social skills.  These are the skills that will set the stage for success in school and in the world that our children will one day live and work in.  Students at the primary level will receive instruction through lessons presented by the school’s guidance counselor and reinforced by classroom teachers as well as other building staff.  Children begin by learning about themselves and what makes them unique as individuals, and then expanding that understanding to families and community.  Small group and individual counseling is available if requested by parents on an “as needed” basis.  School staff recognizes the importance of helping students understand expectations for school behavior and how respect for others insures our learning community will make learning productive and fun for everyone.  Staff are trained in the use of the Positive Behavior Instruction Support system (PBIS) that recognizes the need to provide explicit instruction to students in all facets of expected school behavior and reinforce those expectations with a universal acknowledgement system that we call “Pride Points.”  As students accumulate these points, they can then trade them in for various awards or privileges that are predetermined.  The PBIS system is also used at Franklin Elementary and the Boone Middle School, which means our young learners, will experience greater consistency regarding school expectations as they progress through the Boone school system.