Student Handbook

The Lincoln handbook has been developed to help students and parents to become better acquainted with your school. Every effort has been made to outline school policies, procedures, and services. This handbook is an extension of board policy and is a reflection of the goals and objectives of the board.

Boone Community School District Toreador Tots

The Boone Community School District Toreador Tot program has been created to support and engage the families of 0-5 age children in the Boone community. We understand there is so much to prepare as you get ready to send your child to preschool and kindergarten. We want to give you support and resources to rest assured your child is ready for their first step in education, please join us at our upcoming and ongoing Toreador Tot events!

Child Abduction Prevention and Personal Safety Tips

Child abduction prevention and personal safety handout provided by the Boone Police Department and the Boone Community School District.

Climate Survey

In the Boone Community School District’s ongoing effort for continued improvement, one way to help us understand our successes and areas for improvement is to ask those impacted about our school climate, resources, and relationships. Below is the link for the Lincoln Elementary Climate Survey.

Helpful Resources