5th Grade

Fifth Grade

Welcome to 5th grade. Students will be part of a triad of teachers. This means they will attend classes with all three teachers: Mrs. Irvin, Mrs. Byriel and Mrs. Patterson. Our homeroom classes travel together throughout the day. In the morning, students will attend core subject areas. They study science with Mrs. Byriel, math with Mrs. Patterson and social studies with Mrs. Irvin. In the afternoon, students have language arts and reading with their homeroom teachers.

In science there are four main units: biomes of the world, light, sound, and landforms. Fifth grade social studies focuses on American history. We study colonial times through the Civil War. Second semester we study Iowa history. Math begins with a review, but quickly moves on to decimal operations, division, data analysis, and fractions. In reading, we cover: science fiction, historical fiction, and several other novel units. We utilize a balanced literacy approach which includes: phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

Team 2

The team two triad includes Gloria Dahle-Social Studies, Alma Carey-Science, Linda Kelly-Special Ed., and Katie Worthington-Math. In Science we study biomes, light and color, sound, and landforms. In Social Studies we focus on colonization to the end of the Civil War. Second semester, we study the history of Iowa and its attributes. We also practice a variety of map skills. In math, we study place value, decimals, addition, subtraction, multiplication, data and graphing, and fractions.