School Start and End Time

5th & 6th Grade Students will be starting school at 8:05AM and ending at 3:15PM.

7th & 8th Grade Students will be starting school at 7:50AM and ending at 3:00PM.

Student Handbook

The Boone Middle School handbook has been developed to help students and parents to become better acquainted with your school. Every effort has been made to outline school policies, procedures, and services. This handbook is an extension of board policy and is a reflection of the goals and objectives of the board.

Honor Roll

PBIS Discipline Triangle

Boone Middle School PBIS 2013-14 report of the discipline triangle. The goal for all PBIS schools is to have 80-90% of all students in the green section having 0-1 discipline referrals, 5-15% of the students in the yellow section having 2-5 discipline referrals and 1-5% in the red section having 6+ discipline referrals. Way to go Boone Middle School for meeting and exceeding all of these school-wide behavior goals based on discipline referrals! We had 87% of our students with 0-1 discipline referrals during the 2013-14 school year!!

Parent Resources 

Grade Level and Activity Brochures

Child Abduction Prevention and Personal Safety Tips

Child abduction prevention and personal safety handout provided by the Boone Police Department and the Boone Community School District.

  • Child Abduction Prevention and Personal Safety Handout

Bullying & Harassment Forum

Boone Middle School will be hosting a Bullying & Harassment Parent Forum on Thursday, Jan. 19th @ 7:00 PM in the Middle School gym. We encourage all of you to attend this important forum to address this very important issue of Bullying & Harassment.

Climate Survey

In the Boone Community School District’s ongoing effort for continued improvement, one way to help us understand our successes and areas for improvement is to ask those impacted about our school climate, resources, and relationships. Below is the link for the Middle School Elementary Climate Survey.