Physical Education

Kindergarten and First Grade Physical Education classes meet for 30 minutes every other day. In class your student will participate in a wide range of activities to develop skills in the areas of rhythm and dance, movement, sportsmanship, developmental exercises and the concepts of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

The goal of physical education class is to help your child develop a love for physical activity.


Kindergarten and First Grade students have 25 minutes of music instruction every other day.  The emphasis is on singing, moving to, reading, and creating music. Music provides the opportunity for students to express themselves creatively, develop the camaraderie of working in a group, and learn appreciation of artistic endeavors of people near and far.

Kindergarten and First Grade will explore the following:  the elements of rhythm, melody, timbre, texture, form, tempo, dynamics, singing techniques, the playing of classroom instruments, movement as an individual and as a class, and guided listening.


The Art program is developed around the disciplines of art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics.  Kindergarten and first grade students meet for two 30 minute sessions every cycle.  Experiences in Art include using a variety of media in drawing, painting, collage, clay, sculpture, puppetry, and mask-making.   Art provides students the opportunity to develop their creativity, reinforce a positive self-concept, enhance decision-making skills, and learn to cooperate and work with others.