Preschool (4 Year Old)

102 South Boone Street – phone: (515) 433-0840
Principal: Autumn Seiler
Page Office Secretary: Melanie Nystrom
Lincoln Office Secretary: Pam Prouty

Boone Community Schools was awarded funding for the Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program in 2009 as a result of the dedicated efforts of area preschool providers.  The goal of this state-funded grant was to provide Iowa’s 4-year-olds access to quality preschool programs free of charge.  Boone Community Preschool and its partner preschools are excited to provide this opportunity to students who are age 4 on or before September 15th.   Working in cooperation with its community preschool partners, the Boone Community Preschool strives to provide a rich learning environment that encourages and nurtures children’s natural curiosity and supports them in new skills development. Classrooms provide a setting where children feel safe, respected, and cared for as they explore the world around them.  We welcome this unique opportunity to serve your child!

What Parents Are Saying…
“I am thrilled that my child can now have the opportunity to attend a high quality program at no cost! “

“These first years of learning are very critical to my child’s future success in school.  Knowing my child is getting instruction from a certified preschool teacher gives me a great deal of confidence that my child is off to a great start!!”

What Kids Are Saying…
“I like seeing my friends and learning about stuff!”

“It’s fun learning just like the big kids do.”                                                      

“Our room is cool and theres a lot of things to do!